Elect George Henning '63 as Alumni Trustee

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Elect George Henning '63 as Alumni Trustee


  •  Hello and welcome to my website.  This page contains pertinent information for the Trustee election.  Other tabs provide information about me - see the list on left hand side of the page.


  • The ballots for Trustee will be emailed April 10, 2012.  There will be eighty-six candidates.  I will be in the 55th ballot position.  Remember this position as Penn State was founded in 1855.


  • Please note, anyone who attended Penn State may vote in this election.  This year’s election will again be online only!  If you did not receive a nominating ballot from the University in January, you must request to be added to the University email list in order to receive a ballot for the Trustee election.  You can do so by emailing your request before April 10 with your name, address, major and time of attendance at Penn State to bot@psu.edu.    (Some people are confused by a separate ballot for Alumni Council which arrives about the same time. The Alumni Council ballot has twenty-two people running for ten positions.)  The Trustees are the governing board of the University.  Alumni Council is the governing board of the Alumni Association. Be sure to vote in the Trustee election!

  • Please read my "Letter to Penn State Alums" seeking your support by clicking on that tab in the upper left corner.   Also, I have included my Biography and Position Statement that will be included with the ballot material for your review in separate tabs.  I have included, under the Activities tab, several pictures of some of my university related activities.


  • Some pieces from my Penn State memorabilia collection will be used in a new exhibit at the Penn State All-Sports Museum in late April (opening Blue White weekend).  The Penn State newswire  featured a video about my memorabilia collection some time ago.  If you have not seen it,  the article about the video and my collection follows:  

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State Trustee George Henning and his
wife, Sue, have taken personal collections to the next level. George
started collecting Penn State memorabilia when he attended the
University in the late 1950s and early 1960s ... and he never stopped
collecting. These days their basement has become a treasure trove of 
    Blue and White history. " 

  •  I will certainly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you at ghenning63@psualum.com. You can help my election campaign right now by forwarding this website to your Penn State friends.

    "We are -- Penn State"  -- and proud of it!!!